One of the key jobs for us as restaurant marketeers is to add value to a restaurant’s offering. When we help open a restaurant, a press campaign & social media activity is often the cornerstone of our gameplan, as is a launch party – an obvious and effective way to get both industry contacts, journalists and local businesses through the doors to sample the offering. – But what do you do when your restaurant has been open a while? How do you continue to engage with your local community and build a network of loyal followers and ambassadors?

One of our key services is to add value and engage with the local community via planning and managing events and promotional activity direct to the customer. In other words, to make a (controlled) noise. Rather like some of Radiohead’s more experimental outings. That can be through a local business evening, a new menu sampling, a Christmas event showcase, a cocktail making session or wine tasting. Ultimately it’s about finding non digital or media channels to (re) introduce the restaurant to those people who will use it on a regular basis. It must be remembered of course that these types of events don’t directly drive the bottom-line, but are essential for building and maintaining an identity in a crowded market place.

This week we hosted out first Wine Tasting event at Assaggetti for local businesses near to Haymarket in Central Lonond. Me:Mo Interactive worked in conjunction with the restaurant to organise the event which was sponsored by Mandara (cheese supplier) and Berkmann Wines who provided both the wine and the expertise. The tasting was aimed at the beginner, but without it being patronising – “wine is made from grapes” – and served as an informal introduction to three Italian wines.

Does your restaurant have a great story that you’re not telling? Do you have a wine list to die for that no one knows about? A charismatic GM
who loves to engage with your guests? If you do why not let us know and we’ll be happy to help you liven up your restaurant marketing and unleash that potential! Email for more info.