PR is all about image. Its ultimate goal via media (and social media) exposure, is especially powerful because it is seen as unbiased. Take restaurant PR in London specifically, the general public trusts the media or indeed social influencers to work their way through restaurants and provide good honest feedback that in turn will influence your decision to go to that restaurant, or not.

But how to get coverage when you haven’t got a lot to talk about? It can’t always be about a new launch or a new ‘big name’ chef in town. Restaurant PR in London is fiercely competitive – and for that reason, we, as experts in our field, have to always be thinking outside the box, asking ourselves ‘what’s next?’ for X client. What is going to get us front page news when the hype dies down and things naturally slow down?

Restaurant PR is built on creating really strong working relationships with key journalists, who are always on the look-out for a news hook or juicy story.  Become that go-to person.

As restaurant PR professionals, we make it our job to stay abreast of what is happening in the London restaurant PR industry, latest trends and such like, therefore becoming a vital source of knowledge for both our clients and press alike.

Restaurant PR is ever changing.  Now more than ever we have to ensure our editorial calendars and PR plans are kept up to date, aligned with client’s marketing activity and ultimately commercial sales figures.  Thinking creatively, delivering engaging content with a dynamic approach will hold us in good stead and ensure that restaurant PR in London continues to thrive in what is a fairly tumultuous time for restaurants.  Who knows what Brexit will bring. All we can do is try and stay one step ahead and do the best we can with what we have available to us, harnessing those relationships with press and clients to deliver strong campaigns and a sustained presence.