With the ever growing social population, there really is no better time to raise your restaurant’s presence through the use of the many social media platforms. Especially when dealing with Restaurant PR London agencies… With 36% of the world projected to own a smartphone, that’s a lot of potential eyeballs on the go, hey!

Let us introduce you to our latest client, Pizza PickUp:

What started originally as a street food mobile unit peddling pizzas from a handmade pizza oven from the back of it’s 1961 Volkswagen pickup. A regular hit on the UK festival scene and at many of the weekend outdoor foodie get ups around London, they have now parked up as permanent residents in Peckham Rye. With the help of restaurant PR behind them, you’ll be helped to experience the delights of Roman pizza.

Serving up Roman style pizza, the holy grail of thin crust pizza. With the addition of oil to the mix, this is the main distinction from Neapolitan dough. Giving the crust more weight, flavour and that oh so desirable crunch. Roman pizza dough often uses a rougher wheat grain so the base can handle more toppings. Sounds good to us! With a London restaurant PR agency, you can keep up to date on Pizza PickUp’s social channels for events and exclusive pop-ups in the van on Twitter.

They tempt you to make the pilgrimage to Peckham for pizza, through their Instagram and the clever creatives behind the beautiful content at MeMo PR agency. Pizza PickUp also cater with Vegan and Gluten free options so there is no missing out on your guilty pleasures.

Pizza PickUp are also available to order through on Deliveroo, so even if you’re not in walking distance to get your Roman pizza fix, there is still a solution!