The importance of Restaurant Social Media:

The digitisation of the media has forever changed the lives of all. It has changed the way we communicate with the world, it has changed the way we work, the way we date, mate, eat & sleep. If you ain’t riding the digital wave then you better start now. Working in restaurant PR & Social Media, a lot of what we do today involves keeping up with the fast-paced world that is social media. Mark Zuckerberg decides one day he’s going to change Facebook’s algorithm, and we must act fast! What will this mean for Facebook marketing and how do we adapt in order to prevent our client’s content from falling off the map. Instagram is a mysterious platform – they are constantly changing the algorithm in order deliver users the content they want to see, based on their habitual behaviour on the platform. Instagram optimises your content depending on your interaction with your followers, how long you spend on platform, how engaged your followers are, how engaging your content it. But we don’t really know the small print… so the question is: How does one get cut-through in the ever-changing world of Instagram?


Me:Mo’s Five Tips For Restaurant Social Media:

  1. Engage with your following

Respond to messages and reply and engage with comments. Instagram recognises social interaction and favours this! Equally, if your users see you are engaged with your audience, and it seems authentic (not some robot responding with meaningless nonsense) then they will continue to engage with your content.

  1. Post regularly

I would advise posting between 5-7 days a week. If you are posting regularly, Instagram will recognise that you are not a dormant account.

  1. Spend time on platform

The more time you spend on platform the better. Whether this time is spent posting content, responding to messages, engaging with another user’s content, or simply browsing, Instagram will recognise that you are on platform! Instagram likes knowing you are there 😉

  1. Use hashtags

Using hashtags will make you more discoverable but you need to use them carefully. There is not much point using a hashtag that has been used millions of times, as it will only get lost amongst the crowds. The sweet spot is around 500,000! Use a mixture of trending hashtags, community hashtags, and curated hashtags that are personal to your business.

  1. Post GREAT content

You may do all of the above, but it is no use unless you post visually engaging content. Instagram is primarily a visual platform and your content must reflect this. Captions are of course important, but they are secondary and should complement the imagery, which is primary!

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