As time goes by we are continually coming on leaps and bounds in terms of restaurant social media development and its ability to attract new customers, create a general aesthetic and feel of a brand without stepping foot onto a site and more importantly, increase revenue.

With the importance of creative and exciting new content continually at the forefront of Me:Mo and our drive to have our finger on the pulse there is always room for improvement. Restaurants understand that social media is the most efficient way to drive interest but how do you capture someone and keep them engaged?

As an agency,  Me:Mo has made a conscious effort to cut down copy. As they say, a picture is 1000 words and by cutting down the text we’re finding it allows the images and therefore the food to speak for itself. The main component to restaurant social media is delivering who you are as a brand as quickly, efficiently and exciting as possible. Sprout recently released statistics to show that Instagram currently has more than 800 million active monthly users. That is a huge audience with inherently, an infinite amount of potential to bring in new business.

Where there is potential to run into difficulty with this new way of working would be with regards to educational posts. Prosecco House has recently introduced the idea of having a prosecco club, featuring a new prosecco each week as a way of exposing the great range of products they have on their extensive menu. However, trying to deliver all the necessary product information and tasting notes without making the text too long and arduous to read is a difficult task.

This is where the power of Gifs and moving images come to play. With the ever developing ability to create original content as an agency ourselves, we feel that this is where restaurant social media and Me:Mo are moving towards, to be a fully encompassing and creative agency.

Our in-house designer created a Gif using our photographers image of prosecco and added key information such as the name, the type of prosecco it is and of course the tasting notes thus having the ability to say everything without having to say anything. We have moved away from Instagram copy actually being in the text and bringing images and words together in unison.