Digital marketing, particularly paid social campaigns, can seem like a minefield. With so many platforms, ad types, media options and budget methods to choose from, the prospect can seem overwhelming. So here at Me:Mo we’ve asked our digital marketing experts to list their top tips for creating the perfect paid advertising campaign:


  1. Set objectives – When it comes to digital marketing, the first and most important port of call is understanding what you’re trying to achieve. Avoid spending money on social media ads, because you think it’s what you should be doing. Instead, sit back and consider what your business goals are at the moment, and what needs an extra push. For example, if lunchtimes are busy and dinner service is a little slow, it may be time to set up an ad geared towards dinner bookings.
  2. Use what you know already ­­– Try not to think of paid social as a separate entity of your social media accounts, and rather as an extension of. As much as Facebook and Instagram ads may not exactly replicate your organic content, ensure previous social successes are influencing your decisions. For example, if video content always outperforms single image posts on your Instagram account, it’s likely this will apply to adverts too.
  3. Create a targeted audience – The beauty of digital marketing is the immense power of targeting and the many ways this can be employed. Take a look at your Audience Insights for a quick look at the age and gender split of your pages’ current followers. This is a great starting point when it comes to defining who to target. Then move onto the content of your ad, and think of what type of related interests your audience may have.
  4. Less is more – When marketing to a digital audience, there is a limited amount of time you have to capture their attention. So, it’s important to ensure your message is simple, clear and to the point and your imagery is eye-catching. Adhering to official platform character limits means your message will be fully visible to the user, allowing those viewing your ad to absorb pertinent information about your brand in a short time.
  5. Mobile First – In the digital marketing sphere, focussing on mobile optimisation is vital. Always create your ad with the mobile optimised view in mind and desktop as a secondary focus. It’s also important to ensure the landing pages customers are being led to are also optimised for mobile, otherwise you may fall at the final hurdle by allowing visitors to drop off at the end of their experience.
  6. Test, analyse and learn ­– Do not set and forget. Repeat. Do not set and forget. Digital marketing is all about trial and error, so ensure when you are experimenting with ads, you’re analysing the results, working out what does and doesn’t work and tweaking your approach. Digital marketing is always evolving, so there is no end point, this is always a necessary process, no matter how long you’ve been creating paid social ads.

That’s it from us, you should now be all set to venture into the wonderful world of paid advertising. However, if you still feel like you need a little more guidance, or some experts to help you out, get in touch with us at Me:Mo.

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