Seeing as the rest of the world has gone cyber crazy, we thought we should too. So we are now Social Bookmarking all of our press coverage on Digg and StumbleUpon. If you are new to Social Bookmarking sites, then allow me to explain: they are quite simply websites where users can store their favourite websites, articles and so on, and share them with other Internet users. Basically, it’s like when you email your mate a link that you think would interest them (i.e. a funny video on YouTube), but with Digg and StumbleUpon, you are sharing the link with all web-browsers. So using these social bookmarking websites is a great way of promoting a product – it’s instant, it’s easy, it’s widely accessible, and it’s so 2011! As well as being able to read and share book marks (aka ‘Diggs’), users can also organise them by adding them to their ‘interests’, making your product and coverage of your product, more relevant in search engines, and your online traffic will increase. Clever Social Bookmarking, well done.

Go on, have a look…