When you represent a brand you want the entire world to be talking about it. You want to walk into a bar in Portugal, whilst on your ten day long summer holiday (a week is too short and two weeks is unbearable, right?), and hear the uncomfortably English name of your brand appearing amongst the Portuguese utterances. However, contrary to your renegade beliefs, it’s important to learn to walk before trying to run.

Yes, you can target the foreign demographic but how many people from Portugal are going to frequent Blackheath on a chilly Wednesday afternoon in October? It’s for this reason that you need to create brand loyalty in the areas around your restaurant before you take on the people of India, America and even as far afield as Middlesbrough.

Create lists on Twitter of local businesses and influential figures living near your restaurant. Interact with these people, show the personality of your brand through the tone of your posts. These are the people who are actually going to appreciate you reaching out and will tell their friends and family about their experience until the name of your brand rings out through the streets. Once you have become a household name in a particular county, national media are more likely to pay attention and will spread the wider word for you.