By Joe Howard, head of Photography

Good social media content is all about understanding your audience and your brand. In this case we’re talking about restaurants. Creating content for restaurants can be a challenge as like any brand they have guidelines. Colour palettes, fonts, style of imagery… All of this has to be considered when you want to create engaging social media content. Our clients require different styles of imagery for their social media accounts and it’s my job to bring those ideas and mood boards to life. Whether that is lifestyle, still life or portraiture. Here are three examples of my recent work from three rather different restaurants. I’ll explain what they were looking for, how I captured that and why I think it is a stand out image.

Lucknow 49

Lucknow 49 is an Indian restaurant in Mayfair with a very pastel colour palette – when I spoke to the owners they told me they wanted photos that complimented the colourful interiors and helped the food “pop” as some Indian dishes can be rather muted and brown in colour.

I love this photo for its vibrancy yet soft colour tones throughout, there are also great leading lines throughout.

Brindisa Recipe shoot

This shoot was to showcase the ingredients that you can buy at Brindisa’s deli in Borough Market. They wanted to give the feel of home cooking and shoot some example recipes you could do at home. This sort of shoot is a little out of my comfort zone as myself and Pattie (our second in-house photographer) styled the whole thing ourselves. Creating social media content is all about adapting and I think we adapted pretty well and rose to the challenge!

There are a number of things I think are great about this photo, but mainly the depth and composition. Your eye is drawn into the pot and then is guided up through the image to the other props placed throughout. Add the human interaction and it’s feels like a candid shot of a gathering at home.


For this shot Florentine wanted to shout about Summer and their large sharing drinks on offer. I knew I wanted to capture the jug pouring into the glasses to add movement to the image. Luckily, I was spoilt for colours with the red, white and blue straws, green mint, orange Pimms and yellow chair. I love this photo as It makes instantly makes me want to be there and gives me the feeling sunny weekend afternoons. Usually to freeze motion like that I would need to use a flash but as it was so sunny I could set my shutter to 1/1000s which is more than fast enough to catch it. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

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