Living in a country and culture saturated with and by social media, it’s sometimes easy to forget that when we cry “censorship” it’s more likely to be about our online privacy than about governmental interference. Iran has been subject to some of the most severe and lengthy international trade sanctions in modern history, starting with the US trade embargo of 1979 following the Islamic Revolution. They stepped it up another level in 1995 and since then Iran has been a nation cut off. No more is seems though as things begin to thaw and the first signs to the outside world have been the unblocking of some major social media networks. Iran as a nation is massively online but the major Western social networks and sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram have been periodically and partially blocked by central government, though in a way which is often easily circumvented by tech-savvy Iranians. What happens next is anyone’s guess but it seems like we’re going to be hearing a lot more from ordinary Iranian citizens very soon.