On the 29th of February, that extra day which comes significantly less often than a blue moon, something correspondingly special is happening at Boundary in Shoreditch. Already known for its fine restaurant, rooms and rooftop, Boundary is opening its doors to the famed Trevor and Fergus of St John for a hotly anticipated gastronomic collaboration. Celebrated almost as much for their warm and welcoming personalities as for their nose-to-tail and seasonal approach to fine English food, St John and Boundary are a perfect match of styles.

Promoting events on social media has become something close to a fine art in food and drink PR – with so much great stuff happening in a city like London, making an event stand out needs something a little different but with charismatic gentlemen like the St John pair we saw it as the perfect opportunity to make some quirky, fun social video.

So the question was on this Leap Year, what would they do with their extra day? Working with the MeMo team, Trevor and Fergus came up with some wonderful ideas for their perfect extra day and one crisp, bright winter morning we met them at Boundary to turn those ideas into four short social media films.

The shoot took place in several locations in and around Boundary and Trevor and Fergus shone like the stars they are. After just an hour and a half the films were in the can and it was off to the edit suite to put the final layer of polish. Watch out for them on the Boundary Facebook and Twitter channels as well as, if we do this right, your Facebook and Twitter feed too…