Creating an Instagram sensation with Feya Cafe

Me:Mo was approached to handle the launch of a new brand, Feya Cafe. The clients had an idea that they wanted to create a beautiful space where they could sell a range of premium patisserie. From this, Me:Mo created a marketing campaign to ensure the key USPs of Feya were communicated in the right way and to the right people.

Ahead of launch, we conducted a series of photo-shoots and enlisted our design team to create a highly curated and designed Instagram feed to match the identity of the café. We also devised a strategy to build buzz and word of mouth via an on-brand network of influencers. We carried this out through launch phase and beyond, to keep Feya front of mind with consumers.

As a result, Feya saw queues out of the door from the first weekend of opening with sales targets being exceeded from the start. As importantly, we built the Instagram following to 20,000 within the first six months, paying no money to influencers and with no social media advertising – positioning Feya as a true Instagram brand.

What we did

  • Created a highly stylised Instagram feed and invited a series of high reaching media and influencers in to review


  • Generated nearly 40 pieces of launch news announcement
  • Built the Instagram account to 20k followers within 6 months of launch

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