Restaurant PR London

Despite the financial risk that comes with opening a restaurant and the unknown effects of Brexit – dare I say it – on the industry, London has seen a record number of openings in recent months. Consumer choice is greater than it has ever been and so the market is tough, but diners are still hungry! This explosion of restaurants in and around London has seen chefs producing exciting flavours. Working for London Restaurant PR Agency Me:Mo involves supporting these restaurants on their journey to success. To stand out, their menus and campaigns must be daring and innovative. Having an insight into and an influence on these decisions is an important part of PR and a real perk of the job. We all look forward to the launch of a restaurant’s new site, campaign or menu! Leading crêpe concept Crêpeaffaire have just launched a collection of luxuriously indulgent crêpes and boy are we excited about it!

Luxury Indulgent Collection

This premium menu features a tempting selection of indulgent crêpes and shakes to satisfy your sugar cravings and beat those post-summer blues. Diners can feast their eyes on: Reese’s peanut butter pie: Nutella, peanut butter, Reese’s mini peanut butter cups and peanuts, topped with cream or ice cream; banana, rum and raisin delight: banana, butterscotch, rum flavour syrup and raisins, topped with cream or ice cream; and Ferrero Rocher extravagance: Nutella, walnuts, and Ferrero Rocher, topped with cream or ice cream.

It doesn’t stop there! Alongside these crêpe’s you will find an assortment of milkshakes: Oreo cookie: Milk, chocolate ice cream, cream, Oreo cookie & Belgian chocolate chips; salted caramel popcorn: milk, vanilla ice cream, cream, pop-corn & salted caramel; and homemade apple crumble: milk, vanilla ice cream, cream, cinnamon, fresh apple crumb & sultanas. These opulent fillings and ingredients are sure to get your taste buds talking. Check out the full menu here:

Launch Party

Last week, we got to experience this menu in its entirety, at the Indulgence Collection launch party. Hosted at our Spitalfield’s branch, right in the hub of the Old Market, social media influencers and friends alike came down to Crêpeaffaire to FEAST on these ridiculously delicious crêpes. Washed down with a glass of bubbly and of course a compulsory milkshake, we all felt pretty proud of our calorie intake that evening. It’s moments like these – when needing to be rolled home from a work event from severe over-consumption – that we should stop to cherish our lives working in London Restaurant PR.

Summer is over, winter is coming and waistlines are so last month, which means there really is no excuse to not be joining us at Crêpeaffaire celebrating the end of summer diets and stuffing yourself with chocolate and caramel. Go on, treat yourself!