ME:MO is a London restaurant PR agency with a difference. Not only do we work hard to spread the word about new and exciting eateries, we also create content for them. We strive to be more than just a restaurant PR agency and deliver interesting and creative content to compliment their restaurant. A perfect example of this would be the work we have done with Côte Brasserie. We wanted the customers of this great restaurant to understand the love, care and passion that go into the menus that they all love so much. In July we launched #CoteToTable a series of short films focusing on Côte’s fantastic suppliers and the relationships they share with them.

Our first film showcased the asparagus at Wye Valley’s Cobrey Farms, where we met Chris Chinn who took us through the process step by step. We felt it was important to show the pride that Côte has in British ingredients, not only French.

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For the second film we travelled to Paris, the spiritual home of Côte Brasserie. We visited Rungis market, the world’s largest wholesale market for fresh produce and learnt more about the relationships between the suppliers and the restaurant.

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The most recent and final film of the series meant a trip back to France where we explored the vineyards of the Languedoc. During the three days we spent there we visited Argellers Cooperative, Domaine de Barroubio and Château de Treviac. We interviewed all three winemakers and learnt more about the product that Côte has on offer in their restaurants. From large cooperative wineries where 450 growers from the area bring their grapes, to very small operations of just a dozen employees working together to create beautiful wine in small quantities.

We strive to deliver great content as a restaurant PR agency. London was the birthplace of Côte Brasserie but we want to help them open their doors to new customers across the country. These films were made to show the customers of Côte Brasserie that they care about their product, providence and quality. Our drive is to create beautiful content and we had the opportunity to tell a story, so we did. All of our films are supported not only by written word but imagery that best represents the brand and the subject matter. We’re already looking forward to our next project with Côte Brasserie and our other clients.

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