One of our favourite magazines, the New Yorker has this week (re)launched its website with a smart new design, all part of a significant change in the magazines digital presence.

Like the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker will go behind a metered pay wall later in the year, a limited number of articles will be available for free before users will be asked to subscribe.

In the meantime though visitors can explore their archive, dating back to 1997, for free for the next three months or so – a nice little enticement for potential subscribers.

Interestingly, especially for those like us who want to get their teeth into something a little more substantial content wise, the New Yorker editor David Remnick has noted that long-form journalism is becoming, perhaps a little surprisingly, very popular online. This is probably down to the proliferation of tablets and easy to use websites, hence the New Yorker’s expanses of white, creating a very clean, uncluttered reading experience. According to this piece we can expect a similar offering from the Guardian too. Refreshing news indeed!