Here are our Facebook page golden rules that will help you increase your engagement and interaction with fans so that they will keep coming back for more and in turn provide you with valuable feedback that will drive inquiry and sales and keep your company at the top of it’s game!

Rule #1 –  Keep Your Posts Short

The news feed of a Facebook page typically contains a hell of a lot of information so having a good headline for your post and keeping the post length to less than 250 characters generates much more interaction and engagement.  Facebook posts of that length generate 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters!  Keep it brief!

Rule #2 –  Post Photos and Videos

The posting of hi-def photos and videos provide engagement levels that far exceed plain and simple text.  Research shows that “Posts including a photo album, a picture or a video generate about 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement than the average post, respectively“.  It’s a no-brainer!

Rule #3 – Post Original Content Consistently

On your Facebook page, you should aim to post a healthy dose of non-promotional content that is related to the brand’s values.  For example, if you are a nightclub that holds fashion in high regard, post up the latest news from London Fashion Week as your followers will be interested in that.  A good rule of thumb is to have one marketing message for every six informational posts.

Rule #4 – Ask for your  Fans Opinions

Asking opinions on events, new business decisions etc makes your followers feel           involved in the brand and engages them.

Rule #5 – Ask Questions using the Facebook Questions App

Facebook has a questions app that is very easy to use. You can find out what is important to your followers by asking questions of them.  This can also be used for posting of original content by asking an interesting and related question eg.  Who do you think will win British Fashion Designer of the Year?

Rule #6 – Post “Fill in the Blank” Posts

If you want to give your fans a very simple way to engage with your post, ask them to finish your sentence.  Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average post.


Rule #7-  Give Fans Access to Exclusive Information and deals

Make your followers feel special and keep returning by breaking exciting new company news first on Facebook .


Rule #8 – Be Timely

Breaking news on Facebook about topics that are currently trending can drive more interaction and engagement. According to Facebook “posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more engagement than all posts published on that day”. See what topics are popular on that day and post accordingly.


Victoria x