It has long been the trend that when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, people world-over drain the last dregs of booze from their glasses, savouring the final giddy moments, before heading into a month of abstinence. This year, alcohol is not the only thing that has fallen victim to the January detox. There has also been a surge in people giving up meat and dairy, with ‘Veganuary’ the word on everyone’s lips this month.

Whilst we admire those who embark on these acts of self-discipline, it isn’t quite the style of restaurant group CAU, the Buenos Aires inspired steakhouse with a penchant for a perfectly cooked sirloin and an aromatic glass of Malbec. So, we decided last year to flip #DryJanuary on its head and instead encourage people to #TryJanuary, a campaign run across CAU’s social media channels to inspire people to try new things, sample new dishes, do things they haven’t done before and learn something new.

In this year’s #TryJanuary campaign, following a storming year for the group, we decided to look back on CAU’s vibrant and colourful history, taking followers on a #CAURoadTrip, from their first restaurant in Amsterdam to their menu’s greatest hits, with the aim of both re-educating existing customers and inspiring and engaging with new ones.

Running across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the campaign drove engagement with the brand at a time that is a traditionally quieter period for the restaurant industry, keeping the heart of CAU beating strong by using targeted content, imagery and film. Here’s a little example of a video we created and posted across the platforms for #TryJanuary, zooming through all the cities where CAU has injected its fiery Argentine spirit (so far):