Over the last 10 years or so of working in PR, my family and friends are still not wholly sure what PR is or what I do. Some think I work in an office where everyone is blonde and we refer to each other as ‘darling’ and drink champagne all day.  Others think that I write stories for newspapers and websites, whilst a handful think I bounce from long lunch to launch party to breakfast meetings.

But the reality is somewhat different (and certainly less glamorous!) So for the benefit of all (and for some personal interest) below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to PR and the real answers.

What is it that you actually do?

– Essentially clients hire PR, marketing and social media companies to promote their restaurants to the right audiences, getting their core messages across and at the end of the day putting bums on seats.

Do you write the articles for the magazines?

–       Sadly no – if we could it would make the life of a PR much easier.  PRs write a press release or email about the client – be that a new restaurant launch, interview feature, recipe idea – and then ‘sell it in’ to the journalist at specific titles. A good PR will pitch the story with a specific feature and angle in mind – if the journalist likes the idea they will then write it up for the publication.

Is it really like Ab Fab – party, party, party?

–       If only we could all have the stamina of Eddie and Patsy! But the reality is is that most work events are spent either on the door, making sure that the client and journalists attending are happy and well fed, running the live social media and remembering that you need to be in the office early the next day to follow up with everyone.

Do you just take journalists out for boozy lunches?

–       Way back when, when the media wasn’t in the position it finds itself in now, more journalists had the time to go out for lunches and drink a glass (bottle) or two at lunch. However times have changed and most of the people working in the media are lucky if they can get a breakfast meeting in the diary.

So there you have it – just a snapshot of questions frequently asked and with, what are hopefully, the more honest and slightly duller answers.