After much hype the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is nearly upon us and, after fleeing Royal Wedding mania last year to make the most of the extra bank holidays abroad, this year we’re rather looking forward to being patriotic and finding an excellent spot to watch the Queen’s flotilla
(apparently there are 1,000 boats – but it won’t look as great as the artist’s impression above), catching a glimpse of William and Kate, and finding an excuse to wave our Union Jacks/sip on rosé/pray for sunshine/curse the rain (delete where appropriate). So we’ve found the top spots in London to do all the above.

Top of our list is Geronimo Inns’ The Oyster Shed – located on Oystergate Walk in the City with views directly over the River Thames, the pub is one of the best places to enjoy this Summer’s Thames Jubilee Procession, complete with a pork pie in one hand and pint in t’other. As well as the views, The Oyster Shed also offers a fine selection of British food and ales, and some of the most interesting loos in London…

Also high on our list is the Prince Albert in Battersea – since the reopening of the bridge earlier this year we find any excuse to go to our favourite South London hangout, however on 3rd June we need no excuse to hang over the side of the bridge and coo to the Queen as she sails past, grabbing a pint and pub lunch at the Albert afterwards.

For something a bit different Altitude (Millbank Tower) caught our eye – probably some of the finest views of the entire Thames will be from
high up in the bar, with a 360° street party in the sky. The only problem being that from such an altitude we won’t be able to hear Prince Philip’s best clangers