GDPR. We all remember it. The acronym sends shivers down our spine. In an agency-wide effort to clean our customer databases with only marketing compliant data, we saw an average loss of 80% of our restaurant customer data which we use primarily for email marketing. With our cleaner audiences, our open rates, deliveries and conversions from this marketing channel also took a hit. Efficient customer database management is becoming an increasingly more important facet in restaurant digital marketing, and it is something all restaurant marketing agencies should be implementing in strategy.

Keen to not be knocked down by GDPR and flip this on it’s head, we instantly looked to new database build and management strategies. Enter Wireless Social. In the first quarter of 2019, we formed a formal partnership with the data capture service. Wireless Social is a ‘social guest Wi-Fi hotspot, which connects with customers, collecting their marketing data and understands guest behaviour’. Maximise your marketing potential through Wi-Fi – there is virtually no benefit in providing connection for your restaurant guests unless you are getting something in return.

What stood out to us against their competitors was the capabilities with customer data, fully managed by yourself of your restaurant client through a bespoke back-end and portal. Not only can you collect sign-up emails for marketing use, but deeper insight into who your customers are. Metrics reported on include dwell time, number of visits made, and more. This is all useful data internally and operationally for restaurants, but the higher level of data collected is valuable for segmentation and automation projects to enhance your email marketing. This underpins building customer loyalty and increased conversions. What’s more is the team are helpful, knowledgeable, quick, with a data-driven hat on, and the set-up process with clients has been seamless. Unlike competitors, smaller details such as Mailchimp APIs make your database management process even easier.

We have already signed up at least ten ME:MO clients with Wireless Social to futureproof and enhance our restaurant digital marketing, and already seeing the endless possibilities as we watch our databases grow, numerically and in quality. Wireless Social are ones to watch. Check them out here.

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