Facebook groups have opened up to businesses… so what? Let London’s best restaurant social media agency take you through a Facebook groups 101. 

Facebook groups can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, they’re a place of discussion, a way to directly outreach to your consumer, but mostly a place for supporters and people alike to keep up to date with their favourite restaurant’s goings on. They’re a key feature of a restaurant’s social media agency’s strategy, read on to find out why.  

Much like Instagram, Twitter and all the other social media platforms out there, this is a great place to keep your audience up to date with your latest endeavours, delicious new dishes and all-important launches. A simple post and your audience is all the wiser. 

A Facebook group allow you as a business to, well, create a group separate from your Facebook page. Now you might be wondering why you need to do both, but picture the group as a private members club for your most valuable customers. These are the people who are already interested in your restaurant, they want to keep up to date, essentially creating the perfect target audience for your business, meaning you’ll receive a much higher reach and engagement rate than your regular page. 

Joining a Facebook group is a higher form of commitment than following someone on Instagram, 

Treat your patrons to something good… a bespoke offer for instance. Facebook groups are an excellent place to directly outreach to the people who love you the most, therefore more likely to act on an offer, gaining you a higher return. Not to mention it makes them feel special and valued, and who doesn’t want that. Really it’s a win-win. – take a look at this great article explaining the importance of making your customers feel valued. 

As a restaurant social media agency, we encourage clients to nurture a relationship with consumers, not only does this strengthen your relationship with your clientele, but it also gives you as a business the opportunity to gather some very important information. Look at it as a way to be able to test new ideas, dishes or campaigns to a small focused group, who wouldn’t want to do that? Not sure about your next cocktail flavour, ask away! Not only does this give your customers a sense of importance but, you, the opportunity to find out what your customers want, from the people that matter the most (your fans). 

Be it a new launch, communicating with your consumers or creating a bespoke offer, don’t let the importance of a Facebook group slip from your business plan. For more information on how you can set up a successful Facebook group, drop us a note – we’re always here to help. 

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