The skies are looking blue-er, the days are feeling longer and Spring is well and truly on it’s way – hooray! Me:Mo have rounded up a few places to watch out for in March, they might not be ‘food trends’ as such, but they definitely could be the trendsetters. Let’s give it up for Spring!



The arrival of spring is marked with one of Japan’s most ancient traditions, Hanami a celebration dedicated to cherry blossoms and the happiness and enjoyment inspired by seeing them in full bloom. Year on year, families and friends across Japan gather together under the blossoming trees to enjoy picnics, companionship and the beauty and tranquillity of the sakura (cherry blossoms). So, Sakagura have brought the cherry blossom delights indoors for Hanami season. Their cherry blossom tree installation will be up for two months so guests can dine amongst the blooms. They have also partnered up with Gekkeikan, Kirin, Choya, Merchant’s Heart and L’Occitane to produce a very special limited-edition cocktail menu. During happy hour, with every Hanami cocktail a complimentary mini L’Occitane hand-cream will be given – DREAMY


Colette Cuisine:

The newly launched Colette in Fulham, is a deli to bring home cooking to life and to take the strain off from any dinner party plans you may have. Making convivence chic, imagine ready to serve dishes of perfectly pink beef wellington, decadent charcuterie and caviar selections all behind the counter. As well as truly the best wine choices on offer to hydrate your guests, then to really top it off Laduree delights for dessert. Spring dinner parties on the patio could not come any sooner

Across the board however we’ve seen a huge increase in seasonal cooking with a focus on sharing and small plates. Also making waves on the scene is orange wine, it’s been about for a while now but is continuing in popularity, also set to be big news is sour beer! If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s still hoppy in flavour but much tangier and with less of the bubbles. We think it’s one to seriously watch out for in these hotter coming months

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