India Meets Mexico: Mastermind duo Farzi London and Cavita launch Pioneering New Tasting Menu this Autumn  

 This Autumn, two of London’s most colourful dining establishments Farzi London and Cavita will combine their culinary expertise to serve up a show-stopping, seven-course, tasting menu combining the finest of Indian spice with the fire of Mexico, and championing two of London’s most exciting female chefs 

Hosted on 6th September, Farzi’s Head Chef Dhwani Agarwal and owner and head chef of Cavita, Adriana Cavita (formerly of Peyotito) will come together for one night only to indulge guests’ senses with an Indo-Mexico feast that showcases the indomitable talent of these two inspirational women of colour. 

Born and raised in Mumbai, a city with a diverse blend of cultures from all over the country, chef Dhwani Agarwal was inspired by her uncle to begin her prosperous career. Trained under the famous Jiggs Kalra, often referred to as the “Czar of Indian Cuisine”, Dhwani developed into a culinary powerhouse moving to London in 2022 and eventually heading up contemporary Indian restaurant Farzi. For this special event, Dhwani has teamed up with Adriana Cavita of self-titled Cavita, the revered Mexican hotspot in the heart of Marylebone, for what is set to be an unforgettable evening. 

Priced at £75 per person, the precocious duo will create elevated dishes exemplifying the very best of what each has to offer, combined in bold harmony. Highlights will include Cavita’s amuse bouche of her signature Mooli Cerviche, Mini Tostada, before meandering through to the Jalapeño and the showstopper of the evening, the Cumin Granita Sorbet. Diners will delight in the collaborative main dish: Grilled Lamb Rump, Garam Masala, and Mexican Mole served with Dal Makhni and Cheese Kulcha – fragrant lamb paired with the heat of the mole to create a rounded dish packed with flavour. The evening concludes with Dhwani’s delectable Douceur Noisette, for a smooth and sweet ending to a sizzling night. A vegetarian menu is also available, with highlights including Green Aguachile,Tomatillo, Avocado, lemon verbena, Jalapeño, Goose Berries, Kohlrabi or Textures of Mushrooms with Mexican Mole. 

For an extra £35 guests can enjoy an accompanying wine pairing, chosen by their expert drinks team and world class mixologists. 

Farzi’s Head Chef, Dhwani Agarwal says: “We are so excited to be collaborating with Cavita this Autumn, inviting Adriana to Farzi for this one-night-only event. Adriana shares my passion for fun and flavourful native dishes that transport diners back to our homelands, with this latest evolution of our menu.” 


Watch them in action – Farzi X Cavita  

Wednesday 6th September ticketed event 6:30-9pm

Book Now: Ticket Link + Full Menu

Farzi London, 8 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4BP






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