We are proud to introduce one of our newest clients – Roti King! Roti King is a Malaysian restaurant in Euston and Battersea, serving freshly made roti, traditional kari and other Tamil and Malaysian classic dishes. The Euston branch opened in 2014, with their second site in the iconic Battersea Power Station joining in 2022.  

Sugen says “There is nowhere in the UK that makes Roti Canai the way we do at Roti King. Our attention to detail, fresh British ingredients and a few secret techniques makes this the most authentic place to eat roti in the UK. I am beyond thrilled to see my cuisine and heritage becoming so popular in the UK”.  

From its beginnings as a street food concept, Roti King adapted into the original site that we know and love today. The authentic roti canai is made fresh every day, all by hand, right in front of customers, with the same traditional skill and theatre that head chef and owner Sugen Gopal learnt growing up. The team encourages guests to eat with their hands and experience the food as they would on the streets of Malaysia, the home of Roti King’s particular style of roti. 

All Roti Canai will be available with four different options of kari; chicken, mutton, dahl and fish as well as the stuffed Murtabak with a variety of fillings. Dishes served with fragrant coconut rice include Beef Rendang and Ayam Goreng Berempah. The South East Asian staple of Nasi Goreng will also feature. Laksa, noodle dishes and a selection of sides round off the savoury section of the menu. For the sweet options, Condensed Milk, Coconut Jam (Kaya) and Banana are also available. Sugen has evolved the menu as time has gone on, with more vegetarian and vegan friendly items now on offer. 

Sugen Gopal was born and raised in Ipoh in Malaysia, where his parents’ love of authentic Malaysian cuisine was passed down to him via the family business. The success of the restaurant in Ipoh and his entrepreneurial flair led Sugen to bring his food to a wider audience. After a move to the UK, Sugen created the first iteration of Roti King at Oriental City (now Bang Bang Oriental) in Colindale. After the site was shut by developers, Sugen took the opportunity to open his own restaurant in Euston.  

In 2014 Roti King opened its doors; no signage, no real menus at first, no airs and graces, just an incredible, authentic and accessible product. Following a rave review in The Guardian the same year, Roti King was cemented as a must visit foodie destination for those in the know. Roti King was always imagined as a restaurant for all; foodies in the know, workers on a quick lunch break and students after an affordable and delicious treat meal worthy of a pilgrimage. 


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