These days it’s not unusual to have a little stalk of a restaurant on social media before you actually make a booking, therefore the importance of food photography is on the rise more than ever now. With so many different cuisines and brand aesthetics to capture across our clients, here are a few of my favourite shots from some recent shoots.

Kolamba is a new restaurant opening soon in Soho that showcases the best of Sri-Lankan home-cooking with an array of fragrant dishes. This is essentially what I have tried to capture here with several vibrant dishes in the shot and a bit of action from people about to grab and tuck into them. As the food is full of flavour and colour, we chose to set the food on a soft textured grey background so that each dish really catches your eye in the shot. In terms of the layout and styling we’ve kept it as natural as possible, so it doesn’t look forced and reflects the comforting feeling of the food.

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