Design is important when creating an atmosphere that engages clients. Often, good design can influence and change how a customer thinks and feels and is extremely important to their experience. Here are 3 Instagram pages that we feel show off some of the best restaurant Instagram design!

@rosendaledesign – Rosendale Design

Rosendale is an interior design studio that specialises in restaurant design, furniture design and branding. They have worked with numerous celebrity chefs and renowned designers in achieving their vision, and work with clients from all over the globe. They’re keen to add culture into their designs along with developing a unique design ethos which aids in enhancing a brand.

From their restaurant Instagram design, we can see a range of fascinating pieces of restaurant design. Rosendale has a holistic approach to their designs which is informed by intensive research that creates an atmosphere of ‘homely’ warmth and pleasant atmosphere.

Jusso Design

Jusso Design will surprise you. They enjoy working with contrasting colours to create a unique atmosphere that will get customers talking in fascination. They never falter to add an aspect of luxury to their client’s branding while also crafting a comfortable and engaging aura. There is not one inch of Jusso’s designs that goes without creative intention and decision.

Their clients originate from all over the world. From London, Los Angeles, Paris and New York.


The restaurant Instagram design for Temza is one that invokes complementary colours in which produces bold looks within their design. They bring an element of vibrancy with natural colours that can compliment plants and flower arrangements. To Temza, a great colour scheme is at the heart of every design they do.

We hope we have inspired you on what makes a good restaurant Instagram design from these three accounts. A good customer experience relies much more than good food! Making people feel welcome will always guarantee they will come back! Get in touch with us to chat more about restaurant Instagram design.

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