Nobu London has been an iconic part of Mayfair’s dining scene since it first opened in 1997. It was the first European location of the now global Japanese restaurant and hotel group, started by chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa and actor and producer, Robert De Niro. Nobu has gathered a global following and loyal customer base throughout the years with their Black Cod Miso topping the list for the ‘must eat dishes in London’ time and time again.

As with all the hospitality sector, Nobu’s business model is being tested by the current landscape and they are finding ways to innovate and adapt. We caught up with Nobu’s PR and Marketing Manager, Alex Goode, on how the premium brand launched its first delivery service in the UK.

So Alex, we are all really excited to see Nobu is now available for delivery in London, but with this being a totally new venture for Nobu, and one you had to bring to market in a matter of weeks, you must have felt some challenges?

From a purely practical side, the implementation of new systems into the restaurant took a few days to perfect. We had to make sure all the tech was working, tickets were printing properly, and the team were familiar with using the different delivery apps.

Apart from that, our main priority was making sure the restaurant was fully adapted to allow drivers and customers to safely collect their orders, while keeping a safe social distance from each other and our team.

Ensuring the quality of the food is maintained during the delivery journey and arrives to the customer as they would expect it to was another consideration for us.

An in-restaurant Nobu experience is so unique because it can be incredibly bespoke, particularly when diners order directly from our sushi chefs. We have already had a lot of bespoke requests for delivery orders, from dishes and drinks, to delivering to particular areas outside our delivery catchment.

I guess that’s been one of the main obstacles from premium restaurants when considering delivery, pre-coronavirus. How have you managed to overcome the logistical challenges?

We have adapted the way many of our dishes are presented and packaged to ensure they arrive completely fresh and in great condition, including serving dressings, sauces and toppings on the side.

We are in constant communication with our delivery partners and customers, taking on board their feedback and maintaining a strong relationship with them. If a customer requests a bespoke order, they are always personally contacted to explain what is and isn’t possible and supported by one of the team to try to find a solution.

What can customers expect from The Nobu experience at home?

 Customers can order all their favourite Nobu dishes and make the most of a selection of classic Nobu flavours, from salads to hot dishes and sushi.  

 We’ve chosen a variety of Nobu dishes that we know our regulars love, but that will also suit Nobu novices who may have never been to the restaurant before, or who haven’t been for some time.

We have a range of sake, Champagne, wine and beer also available so people can complete their meal without needing to order from more than one place, and enjoy some beverages they’re unlikely to be able to order elsewhere, including premium sake made just for us.


 Nobu London is available on Deliveroo and Supper, Wednesday to Sunday from 5:30-pm to 9pm. Pre-orders and click and collect are available through both platforms. Dishes start from under £10

 Full menu can be found here:

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