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Digital Restaurant Marketing 101

Marketing your restaurant is no, one size fits all job. There are many different combinations, skills and tactics that you can adopt to get your restaurant on the map and known by your communities. But what about the steps that come before your specialised and bespoke restaurant marketing comes into play? Surely there are a […]

Digital Restaurant Marketing 101: The Facebook Pixel

Being the contemporary digital marketing agency as ever, Me:Mo is always scouting out new ways to enhance our digital strategy to be able to offer a cutting edge service that sets us a cut above the rest. We work in an industry where one of the key indicators of restaurant marketing success is ROI. A […]

Restaurant Marketing Instagram Story Hack

We have spent a lot of time in recent years on the Instagram platform trying to work out and understand the algorithms as well as we can. Although the algorithm is very much impossible to beat, there are many ways to increase your reach on Instagram to help you with your restaurant marketing and get your […]

How to be known by the people who matter

According to the City of London findings in 2017, there are 24,420 registered businesses in London alone and this can only mean one thing, there are local businesses surrounding restaurants who are eager to feed hungry workers wherever you are. The big question is, how do you tear people away from their sandwiches and entice […]

Restaurant Marketing 101: Google Analytics

Restaurant marketing has always been a combination of art and science and never more so that right now. If you’re looking to understand where your customers come from, one of the best tools in the business is Google Analytics. It’s completely free and if as a restaurant owner you’re not digging into these, or having […]