Here in the office this month, MeMo, your restaurant social media agency, we have been keeping a beady eye on all things social. And this month we wanted to show off which feeds have been tickling our fancy. From creative angles to dreaming of places where we would rather be. On our watch, trends in restaurant social media have been pushing more towards curated feeds. This could be through the use of colour tones, compositions or sustainable seasonal feasting – Let us introduce you to our top 3 feeds this month and why…


We’ve all been swooning over Julius Roberts’ feed this month, gorgeous photos of delicious food from his own farm to kitchen, his adorable dogs, fluffy pigs and not to mention his very handsome goats. Need we say more, living the life? We think so. Turning his back on fast-paced London life having been a chef at Noble Rot Wine Bar in London, he opted for the Suffolk big skies and a much more wholesome way of living. The kind of account that helps you decide what you’re going to be making for dinner tonight, whilst going ‘awww’.


If you haven’t heard of Pantone then where have you been all your life!? For all the colour junkies out there, this one is for you. A beautifully curated feed, with colour very much in the forefront and taking aesthetically pleasing to a whole new level. Pantone is a big part of how our designer Emily communicates her colour swatches, especially when designing up collateral in our restaurant social media agency. Get inspired and take a look!


This account isn’t exactly food but in restaurant social media you need to be able to look and therefore think outside of the box, right? The feed is just visual heaven, all user-generated content all images which happen to be taken with Wes Andersons aesthetic. Complex symmetry and a whole host of colour – We want to visit every single place on there, all the photos have really descriptive captions about the history and facts of the place pictured too. Do it for the ‘gram! 

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