Influencer marketing has exploded over recent years, along with a huge new variety in the ways which influencers can create on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. A good influencer marketing agency will be helping you select relevant and creative influencers to advocate for your restaurant to a target demographic – here are our top tips for selecting influencers.  


Find influencers who are experts in their niche 


Look for influencers on Instagram and Tik Tok who are passionate experts about the subject they are talking about, especially in food and hospitality! Authenticity is key to influencers building an engaged following.  


Creative Content 


In 2022 there are a huge number of ways in which creators can present content across platforms – think Reels, Tik Toks, post, stories. Work with creators who produce high quality and creative video and imagery consistently, making sure that the style and quality aligns with your brand.  



Whilst Instagram remains the top platform for influencers, truly influential creators have followings on a multiplatform basis – cross reference their Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitter channels too!  



They key to successful influencer marketing campaigns is to drive conversations, comments and likes from their audience too yours, so when selecting influencers to work with an influencer marketing agency will use a series of tools to ensure engagement is consistently high and truly authentic.  


A note on followers:  

Whilst followers are essential to an influencers sphere, it’s important to note that a greater number of followers doesn’t equal a better return on investment. A micro influencer with 5000 followers in a niche specific to your campaign may drive more engagement and genuinely interested followers than an a creator with 500K followers, outside of your niche.  


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