Looking to create amazing Instagram stories and Reels to engage your followers even more? Then carry on reading to learn about our favourite apps and our top tips on how to produce stunning and dynamic content.

See how you can turn your stories and reels from basic to beautiful. Following tips will have your DMs overflowing with comments asking how you produced such wonderful social content.

Top tips to exciting Instagram stories:

  • Instead of just posting one image or GIF on your Story you can easily copy and paste multiple images direct from your camera roll onto your Instagram Story and create super simple yet exciting content.
  • Instagram Stories have text alignment settings meaning you can align any text you wish to place on your Story in a structured manner. You can also just highlight certain elements of your text and align that differently to the rest, creating a more abstract vision.
  • Adding additional elements to your story can help with engagement by simply adding in GIPHY stickers or maybe even some hand-drawn parts, using the pen tool.
  • The pen and eraser tool can work wonders to elevate what was once a basic image into something that looks like it’s taken hours to produce.
  • You can also share multiple question stickers from the drop-down menu on your Instagram Story; great to increasing engagement
  • Adding your past Stories to your highlights can also increase engagement of viewers seeing your Stories as well as your entire feed, and increasing feed dwell time.
  • You can use the help of apps to create even better-looking stories as these can provide you with interesting ways to layout your image or images on your story, maybe even accompanied by exciting filters. Below are a few apps to definitely check out if you’re looking to jazz up your stories.

  • Over – great for those wanting a bold, graphic style on their story
  • Storyluxe – For those eye-catching pieces of content
  • Upfold – If you’re looking for something a bit more on the minimalistic side

Check out Later.com for a range a tips, tricks and apps to taking your Instagram stories that one step further.

Now, Instagram Reels are similar to stories but yet very different. Reels are another form of content which is new to Instagram, where you can create 15 second videos and share to your reel dedicated feed and even your story.

With Reels you are able to add audio of your choice, text, special effects, speed controls and transition options to your videos to create short but sweet, interesting pieces of content.

Follows these tips and you’ll see your content flourish. Contact us today to learn more.

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