It’s no secret that a killer press release will help get your business on the radar with the most respected writers around. But writing an effective one doesn’t come easy. Lucky for our readers, this top London PR agency is going to provide you with their inside tips to delivering the most engaging press releases around. Notebooks out, coffees at the ready, read on for our step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: What’s the story here?

The most crucial part of writing a stand-out release is identifying the story you are pitching out. Take a step back and into the mind of a journalist: What is the hook? What is the unique selling point of the story? How does the story align with current news and trends? You’re far more likely to get a story covered if it’s linked to current news. At a top London PR agency, you always imagine your story going straight into the paper – so an already-written piece is always going to cut through other competitors.

Step 2: Compose an attention-grabbing headline

On average, a journalist of influencer will receive hundreds of releases every week, so getting them intrigued by your headline is fundamental. It’s a balance between key information that summarises the story and exciting through the words you choose. Read headlines of similar stories to get inspiration, you’ll often note journalists have a crafty way of picking click bate information to engage their readers – and you’ll need to do the same for them.

Step 3: Who, What, Where, Why, When, How

Once you’ve locked your reader in, you’ll need to hold their attention. Any top London PR agency worth their salt, will be able to summarise the who, what, where, why, when, and how in a succinct and factual way. Ditch the floral language and make sure you lead with a punchy intro paragraph, again referring to what the story is, and doing the journalists job for them.

Step 4: Layer with information

Now you’ve done the bulk of the work by getting your reader invested in the story after that magically informative first paragraph, you can highlight additional points that support the story. If it’s a new menu, share highlight dishes, showcase the calibre of the head chef, and most importantly: back up with a quote from a key spokesperson within the business, whether it be the CEO, GM, or Head Chef – which would most notably be present for a top London PR hospitality agency.

Step 5: End Notes

To conclude the press release, it’s key, if you’re aiming to ultimately drive sales off the back of your story, to include the booking link alongside dates the campaign / story is running and website and social media channels. It’s also hugely important to include a Notes to Editors which features a 101 on the wider brand which journalists can refer to for wider context. 

Step 6: Select your hero images

To support your story, it’s vital to have beautiful shots that’ll also capture the attention. Select max three images to include after your title that summarises your story by image and whets the appetitive of your reader.

Step 7: Proof, proof, proof

Now you’ve written a beautiful piece of writing, you really need to think like a top London PR agency and ensure you’ve meticulously checked the release to ensure the formatting, spelling, grammar and facts and figures are completely on point. Any press office that can’t deliver work that isn’t spelled correctly, will swiftly find its way into the junk folder.

Well, there you have it, your inside guide to writing a compelling press release. The only thing left to do is giving it a whirl. Practice ultimately makes perfect, so don’t be shy about putting pen to paper and writing some creative press releases!

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