Top London Restaurant Launches this month!

According to Quora, there are 39,338 food service establishments in London and, if you visited one a day, it would take you roughly 107 years to get through all of them. As a restaurant marketing agency we love to eat out as much as the next person but that might be a touch excessive. The sheer amount of food options in London just goes to show that you really do have to be “so hot right now” to cut through all that noise. So, without further ado, here is your favourite restaurant marketing agencies roundup of our top hot picks right now. 

Egg Slut

Yes, the rumours are true. Everybody’s favourite egg bap franchise from the mighty USA is coming to London. Recently tried and tested by London’s top foodie influencer, Food Feels, it is sure to get pulses racing and leave everybody certifiably scrambled when it hits our capital this summer. Que plenty of queues and a plethora of egg puns, eggcellent. 


The guys behind the brilliant P. FrancoNobel Rotand the oh so cool Brighthave gone and done it again with their new hot spot, Peg, which can be found in the oh so cool Hackney. Opening back in February it has already received gold star reviews from the likes of Grace Dentand Jimi Famurewaand it shows no sign of slowing down. Peg truly is this restaurant marketing agencies hot place in Hackney.


Anyone who is anyone in the foodie world knows Bao. As a restaurant marketing agency, we’ve loved these guys from the beginning. Backed by JKS restaurantsand with their iconic menu items such as blood cake with cured egg yolk, it is the ultimate recipe for success. Opening later this spring in Borough with a huge focus on the grill, it will also be equipped with a grab and go station, making it oh so easy to get your Bao fix. 


Take Italian food, over-the-top interiors and some serious pasta served in a giant wheel of cheese and you get Gloria, undoubtedly the talk of the Shoreditch town. With glowing reviews and a nod from every bodies favourite broadcaster Laura Jacksonto boot, Gloria from the Big Mamma Group is on everyone’s list at the moment so undoubtedly makes the cut for this restaurant marketing agencies oh so hot right now list. 

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