Keeping up-to-date with all things foodie may seem like a fairly complicated task especially with so much always going on in the hospitality world. But, fear not friends, we’ve got your covered with these recommendations of the newsletters you’ll want to have in your inbox. As you can probably imagine, there are so many brilliant places to source your information, so, this week we’re keeping it old-school, taking you through the best go-to national newspaper titles who give the best PR – from restaurant to recipe. Pretty much all newspapers have an online version which is great: less paper, and less to lug around! You’ll find great national newspaper apps and mobile-friendly emails to subscribe to and source all the restaurant info and goss you’re looking for – it’s PR at your fingertips!

The first of our favourite national newspapers to turn to for restaurant PR is The Telegraph. Otherwise known as The Daily Telegraph, this online platform has its own section for recipes which is appropriately called Cookbook. Here, the likes of Angela Hartnett, Diana Henry, Ben Lebus, regularly upload seasonal recipes and personal favourites. Also on the app, there’s hospitality and food-related articles which are regularly updated.

Next, there’s The Guardian. Recognisable critics like Jay Rayner and Grace Dent have dedicated columns here, sharing their opinion of the latest restaurant they’ve visited, giving great PR in a national title. Within the Lifestyle section you’ll find all sorts of categories where expect cooks and mixologists, like Ravneet Gill, Fergus Hendersen, and Fiona Becket, share recipes of both the innovative and classical kind – from saffron fish pie to salted caramel and chocolate tarts. There’s a wealth of information and PR given on this national newspaper platform, if you know your industry names and you love a good restaurant read – you’ll love this one!

And finally, our third and final favourite national newspaper title that gives great PR of the restaurant, recipe, and general hospitality industry kind is the Evening Standard’s section The Reveller. Here is where you’ll want to head for the latest restaurant news and gossip of the best places in London. It’s got an eclectic mix of industry updates and opinions from the likes of David Ellis, Jimi Famurewa, and Naomi Ackerman. Subscribe to the newsletter and all your restaurant PR cravings will be fulfilled.

So that’s it for this week. If you have any other recommendations, we’d love to hear them! Hit us up on email, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter – we always love a chat!

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