Summer has finally arrived, which means it is time to recharge and make the most of your time off. For those who had been dreaming of travelling abroad for the first time in over two years, it turns out that airline companies had other plans… 

Fear not, summers don’t have to be spent on the other side of the globe to be memorable. Everything you could possibly dream of can be found in London. To help you plan a hassle-free staycation, we’ve compiled the best London and UK-wide hospitality newsletters for you today. 

1 – Condé Nast Traveler offers five different newsletters that take you on an exclusive tour of London and beyond. Be the first to hear about the hottest London hospitality news with their fantastic weekly update, London’s Best Restaurants right now, or indulge in well-deserved morning escapism with their dreamy ‘Postcards of the Day’ without leaving your sofa.  

2 – Country & Town House. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for curated inspiration for your next country retreat. There is nothing we love more than their weekly “What’s On” section, which never fails to provide us with exciting events to cram into our calendar. If you’re seeking exciting immersive experiences or the latest restaurant openings for your next foodie trip, Country & Town House has you covered. 

3- The Handbook, London hospitality news at its finest. Living in London, you soon discover that the city is ever-changing. There’s so much going on that keeping up with it can be difficult sometimes. When you’re looking for something to do on your next day off, you can count on The Handbook to keep you up to date on the latest happenings and share some expert recommendations.  

4- Time & Leisure, rounding up the best things to do in London & Surrey. We never miss their Weekend edition on Fridays and their Food special on Tuesdays. In case you’ve ever wondered what to do in South-West London & Surrey, look no further. Their guides include lots of activities, events and competitions to keep you entertained in that area of London.  

5- Luxury London. Treat yourself to extra London hospitality news with the curated selection of Luxury London, sent out weekly. You can expect to hear all about what’s currently happening in London, including a round-up of London’s most exclusive events and the latest boutique and restaurant openings. 

Next time you’re asked what you want to do, you have no excuse to respond with a shrug or a sad ‘I don’t know’. The answer is now in your inbox – or you can contact us for further newsletter recommendations. We know a thing or two about London hospitality news… 

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