It is that time again where we share with you our best coverage from our fantastic clients from the last few weeks, with coverage for cheeky chicken brand Coqbull, splendid steaks at The Black Cow, and some lovely coverage for the one and only Middle Eight. This week’s reviews and content will make you desperate to give these restaurants a try! Without further ado, let’s get going!


First up is Ollie Eatss. On his Instagram and TikTok he shows us some mouth-watering meals and some of the best places to dine out for steak in London, as well as reviewing supermarket foods and quick tutorials on cooking steak at home. On one of his most recent videos, he showcases The Black Cow in Camden located in Hawley Wharf. The produce is all sourced from local small businesses wherever possible and the meat is of the highest possible quality. On his Instagram he shows the intimate dining experience, and the variety of delicious steak dishes and wine served here. Check it out! 


The Capturist reviewed one of our favourite Italian restaurants located in Middle Eight, Covent Garden. The glowing review of Sycamore Vino Cucina commented on the friendly and welcoming staff as well as the variety of indulgent dishes on the menu. The Capturist reflected the vibrant and beautiful restaurant in this review and will make you desperate to visit and try the cocktails and starters! 


Finally, if you are looking for a fantastic round up of the best places to Eat, Drink and Party in London, The Metro has you covered! This includes a range of quirky and exciting places to explore in London, such as a relaxing comedy evening at Hagerstown Bar or a delicious rotisserie chicken meal, followed by after dinner drinks with Coqtails and DJs at Coqbull in Spitalfields.  


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