There’s something thrilling about hosting a good event. We love to look around the room at an event we put on and see everyone having a good time. We’ve learned a thing or two about throwing a successful party, whether it be a restaurant launch or a holiday gathering, and we’d like to share some industry tips with you. Next time you find yourself hosting an event, try out these tactics. They’re sure to lead to success!

Our tips:
  1. Plan carefully. Events require strategic planning, with everything from the location to the date being well thought out. Make sure you are planning an event that is convenient and attractive to your target audience. Keep them in mind when selecting a place and time. 
  2. Get everyone buzzing. No, we’re not talking about booze here! More important than cocktails is getting people talking about your event. This can be done in many ways, from contacting the press and media to launching a social media campaign. Word of mouth is also a tried and true method. Share the news of your event in your day to day life as well. Your event will be much more successful with more attendees, so don’t underestimate the importance of spreading the word. This is a huge part of what we do in restaurant PR, so we know firsthand that good buzz makes for a great event. 
  3. Think ahead. Anyone who’s hosted before knows that nothing goes exactly to plan. There will be inevitable hiccups, but if you’re prepared for them then they won’t derail your entire evening. Make a list of the things that could reasonably go wrong and try to find solutions. Worried about running out of food? Prepare a little more than you think you need. Concerned that a speaker will go over their allocated time? Work some buffer time into your schedule. Thinking ahead will save you a headache the day of!
  4. Organize the team. An event needs multiple hands on deck to run smoothly. Round up a trustworthy group of people to help you set up, host and tear down after the party ends. It doesn’t matter if they’re volunteers or employees – just be sure they know your vision and can help carry it out. It’s also a good idea to give everyone specific tasks for throughout the night so that there’s no confusion over who’s responsible for what. Organization is your best friend when it comes to hosting a successful event!
  5. Get people involved. If possible, have interactive bits throughout your event to keep people engaged. Another great way to get people involved is to encourage guests to share their experience on social media. Tell them to post using your location and/or an event hashtag. Not only does this get people engaged with the event, it also increases your exposure. Be sure to repost some of the content to shake up your usual social media strategy as well. 

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