Read on to find out our best restaurant SEO tips…

So, what actually is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation: the art and science of helping ensure your website comes near the top of the search engine searches so it’s more visible to your target audience. Given that around 93% of all traffic comes from search engine’s it’s pretty important!

However, with an ever-changing Google algorithm, lots of conflicting information out there, and the fact that it’s a long- term play can make getting SEO savvy can feel like an uphill battle. So, here are our top restaurant SEO tips. They’re achievable and effective, and designed to help you focus your energies on the tactics likely to work for a restaurant.

Restaurant SEO Tip One

Focus on Local

Of-course most customers visit your restaurant because they love your food, but also because it’s close to where they live or work. Choose your target area by defining the radius around your restaurant you believe most customers come from.

Check your Google My Business account is consistent other places your business is listed will help ensure Google knows your restaurant is a reputable company. You should then add your restaurant to local and online directories, review sites and social media with the same, standardised information to enhance your visibility further.

Restaurant SEO Tip Two

Define your Keywords              

Next, it’s time to think keywords. These are the most common search terms your audience is using when searching for a restaurant. For example, if you’re serving sourdough pizza in Brixton yours might include ‘sourdough pizza’ and ‘Brixton pizza’.

There are lots of free keyword tools that’ll help you find other keywords your audience is using. We’d recommend the Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush. A good way to organise your keywords are by thinking about the type of customer, and then the things that person will be searching.

Once you have a defined list, work on including those keywords throughout the pages of your website and, where appropriate, in your page url’s. You should also ensure these phrases are included in titles and your meta descriptions as much as possible.

You might even want to think about writing a blog – however one watch-out here is that it must be updated regularly with relevant content that’s interesting to readers. Planning a blog is essential to ensuring the content reflects the experience that customers enjoy as well as the keywords they’re searching for!


Restaurant SEO Tip Three

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Over 80% of people search for restaurants from their phone, and that number has only ever been growing. Google’s search formula takes this into account; ultimately if your website isn’t mobile optimised it’s less likely to appear in mobile searches.

Restaurant SEO Tip Four

Think about links.

Every time someone clicks from another reputable website to yours, the higher your website will come in future searches. A great way of getting these links is through press visits and reviews, but it can also through listings sites, social media and working with influencers who’s target audience matches yours.

Restaurant SEO Tip Five

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see overnight results

Effective SEO is a long game, there is no quick fix, so you won’t see overnight results. However, if you stay committed to your strategy, and dedicate even a couple of hours a week you’ll begin to see changes in a couple of months. Think of it this way – the results might not be instant, but if you keep up the work they’ll be sustained. Plus, execution of a good SEO strategy is likely to be less expensive in the long run then running more ads.

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