New year, new me, new ways to carry out your social media marketing in 2019 for optimum lead generation. Our digital team have been looking into what digital and social media marketers can look forward to this year.

The Challenges faced by Social Media Marketers

Following the data breach crises of 2019 (Cambridge Analytics and the like), customers have placed doubt in the value of social media networks. This presents a problem for social media marketers as potential leads hesitate to give their information, which we can use for remarketing, email marketing and more. 2019 is the year this trust is rebuilt through community outreach and the growth of the micro-influencer.

Organic social is great for representing your brand identity. When it comes to reaching out to a wider interested audience, paid social media marketing is fundamental to your conversions and your brand goals. 2019 is the year we invest in the most sophisticated methods of growing our clients through paid social. Social advertising is ever-changing and digital marketers need to stay ahead of the curve if they are to see results that matter. Marketers are upping their game, and their budget, which is increasing industry competition so the importance of staying up to date is more important than ever.

Me:Mo’s approach to Social Media Marketing in 2019

We need to ensure our brands are maximising their return on investment and cutting through the digital landscape. In a Hootsuite survey of social media marketers, 64% recognised the death of organic social, and an increased social media budget as core to progressing in 2019. With ever-changing algorithms, digital marketers face challenges with every ad made. This year, MeMo will create ads that inspire their audiences, and shifting from paid plans that are centred around pure conversion generation. It’s also important we peruse a multi-platform approach, so we’ll be testing out Messenger chatbots early this year. Lastly, we’ll be looking at split testing our ads across the board to determine optimum ad format/copy/budgets.


We credit the ‘2019 Social Media Trends’ report from social marketing experts Hootsuite for providing invaluable guidance for the year ahead. Download the report here.

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