Tik Tok – the right move for your business? People may still be questioning whether they should join the app or not based on their age and the apps relevance to your business. One of the common myths surrounding Tik Tok is that it is an app for teenagers to upload dance videos…. BUT Tik Tok has aged up in the last few years and is only gaining popularity as the most trending social platform. 

If you missed out on the first wave of joining Tik Tok, here is a step-by-step guide on starting an account. 

Setting up a profile will take you less than 15 minutes. The quickest way to see what works for you is by testing and learning, familiarising yourself with trending sounds and viral challenges. If you do well, you can reach the masses and become a viral sensation overnight! The beauty of Tik Tok is how random the content is and also how quickly your video can be viewed. With trends, you’ve got to act quickly. Tik Tok is the type of platform where staying current and trending is the way forward. The most viral videos are the most authentic and well made, whether you’re hopping on the trend, or bringing some original content to the platform, the right aesthetic is very important! 

Tik Tok offers you the option of a ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ page, your ‘For You’ is determined by the mysterious algorithm. The personalised algorithm is what makes Tik Tok so addictive. It is based on many factors such as; what accounts you follow, videos you have added to your favourites, videos you marked as ‘not interested’ and also based on the videos you watched to the end – your completion rate. Hashtags are not used in excess, but are also key to finding content that suits you. 


The difference with TikTok to any other platform is the playfulness and authenticity not seen before by big brands, the app allows brands to show off their personality and let their hair down. 

Even the most polishes brands have learnt to let loose such as; Ryanair, Marvel, Zara, Nando’s, Glossier, BMW and also Levi’s. 

BMW: How many balloons can you fit inside a BMW?  

Chipotle: When you have been dating for 2 years and he still doesnt know your Chipotle order 

Tik Tok has slowly become a database of where is hot and what’s not. With a quick turnaround of content, the platform allows creators to share their dining experiences almost immediately. This gives business a huge advantage and the viewers a bird’s eye view.  Our clients have realised the potential of being active on such a far reaching app, and we’re proud that we’re a Tik Tok agency that brings the personality and fun to the platform for our clients.  

A Tik Tok Agency, Me: Mo are a huge fan of the ever-expanding app. If you want to explore the new hotspots or hidden gems in your city – TikTok is the place to be.  

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