It’s that time of the month again! We’ve been scouring the socials to see who’s got the best tips, tricks, and insider knowledge on all things food, lifestyle, and London. This time round we’re sharing with you our top London Instagram accounts and the influencers giving away their top-secret spots!


This East London based blogger has curated her feed to spark nostalgic notions, whilst simultaneously showing off the unseen beauty of some of London’s most famous spots. Eva’s (deceptively, the face behind the feed is named Eva, not Poppy) photography skills showcase the tranquillity of one of the world’s most famous cities, and she manages to invite her followers to see London through her eyes. What makes her so special is the ability to make us feel like we’re on a secret tour, being guided through our own city by an old friend.

This community is only further enhanced through her secondary account PoppyLovesBookClub, a 30,000 strong community of voracious readers. Join for a sense of peace, friendship, aesthetic London spots to enjoy the book of the month!


If you’re in need of a laugh, and a reminder as to why you’re perfect just the way you are, then Chessie is the London Instagram account you need to be following. Chessie sums up her outlook on life in her bio pretty perfectly, she is quite simply ‘a slice of escapism in amongst the chaos’; with hilarious videos detailing her current pregnancy and her unique ability to not take life too seriously, her Instagram is the perfect antidote to the overly-produced and highly perfected pics we see too often on our feeds!

In real need of a laugh (for a good cause?) Check out her video reminding you to regularly check for breast cancer…


A list of the top London Instagram accounts wouldn’t be complete without the epitome of the London food blogging scene! Having chosen to stay anonymous over the years, they have built their following to over 280,000 and count the one and only Nigella, and Jamie Oliver amongst their fans.

Their feed is a mixture of homemade explorations (if you’re in need of some oddly hypnotising and relaxing content, I’d highly recommend checking out their sourdough creation videos), and London restaurant reviews, but we’re warning you now…DO NOT peruse when hungry! Follow their feed for the best hot tips on new openings, trending foodie obsessions, and inspirational home cooking content.

They’ve also used their platform to set up #CookforSyria in partnership with SUITCASE Magazine , what started out as a supper club has evolved into a recipe book that champions Syrian food, and raises money for those that need it most. You can buy their recipe book here.


As you can imagine from her handle, Angie’s Instagram gives us an insight into the more luxurious side of London life, with hotels and restaurants galore. She’s no stranger to an afternoon tea, and her aspirational content will make you yearn for the finer things in life. Having said that, her captions are honest, reliable, and will have you saving post after post, ready for a post-lockdown splurge!

She’s also a great London-based Instagram account to follow if you’ve got kids and you’re looking for a day out in the big city. Her and her son Oscar have been checking out all the family friendly events that everyone is talking about, and will give you the lowdown on what’s unmissable for every season.

And that’s it for now! Keep an eye on our Instagram to stay up to date with what we’re up to and get in touch if you’d like to talk about how we can help you with your influencer strategy.

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