We’ve certainly been enjoying being out and about and holding onto the last few days of ‘summer’ weather! This includes walks around Notting Hill and picking up a very impressive sando from Secret Sandwich Shop, and enjoying the Cheese and Sake Masterclass from the lovely Sakaya.


GQ have aptly included the incredible sando in their roundup of ‘Things to do in London’. We are thrilled to see Secret Sandwich Shop, a dominant mentioned client in round ups, included in yet another great piece. Yes, when the egg salad fillings and endless layers of pastrami are thicker than the slices of Shokupan holding them together, a visit becomes an activity.

The Black Cow’s opening has also been highly anticipated by Hot Dinners and CODE, who have both featured Camden’s new Middle-Eastern Steakhouse pre-launch. Setting Camden on fire, this dining experience is certainly one to get a booking in for, especially when the weather gets colder, and days become darker.

They are not the only ones you should be keeping your eye on though. If Asian food speaks to your soul, The London Economic highly recommends Sachi, Pantechnicon’s newest restaurant celebrating the Japanese culture with Nordic touches. This Belgravia gem has also been picked up by Suitcase, who rave about the creative interplay of the two cultures across food, design, retail and experiences. A dominant restaurant mentioned in pre and post launch pieces, this is a client with plenty more to unpack. Our personal recommendations for the food though include the sashimi selection (all delightful), Kinoko Maki Roll and Nasu! If the night is not complete without a drop of alcohol, head back up to Sakaya. Whilst Metro have focused on the unlikely pairing ‘Cheese and Sake’ Masterclass, you will be pleased to know that Sakaya host a variety of masterclasses throughout the month. Follow their Instagram to hear about upcoming events and learn a few facts along the way!

Matching the moodier seasonal change with its elegant interiors, Jason Atherton’s City Social also caught the eye of City Matters. This Michelin starred restaurant takes its spot on the 24th floor of Tower 42, offering memorable dishes and world class views. Dominant even in the world of acclaimed restaurants, City Social had to be a mentioned client as part of ‘The City of London’s Top Michelin-starred restaurant. Expressed perfectly, and matching our enthusiasm, City Matters highlight that the effort to nab a seat in the booths overlooking the cityscape is well worth the exchange for exhilarating views.

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