We can sense a little bit of a buzz all around London these days…

This Spring promises to be particularly exciting for our top London PR agency, with many celebrations to come.

Firezza has kicked off the month in a festive way, securing features in BarChick and TheUpcoming. Because Birthdays are always better when shared, Firezza has offered their customers the ultimate present for their 20th birthday: FREE PIZZA. And we can’t really think of a better way to celebrate. (Who said lockdown birthdays were boring?)

Apart from celebrating, the holidays are also the perfect opportunity to unwind and treat ourselves.  Easter was again particularly different this year. Even though we couldn’t celebrate exactly how we wanted to, we weren’t going to let lockdown get in the way of our 4-day-weekend. The options were actually numerous, but let’s be honest, can you really call it Easter weekend if you don’t end up in a food coma on Monday?

London Stock really stood out this year with their fabulous Easter Meal Kit featured in The Handbook, The Upcoming, Luxuriate Life and Foodepedia. Bringing the best of British and seasonal produce at the centre of your table, that fresh and decadent feast was the perfect treat for that long weekend…

For those who decided to chef things up and cook a delicious homemade roast (or nibble on chocolate all weekend) don’t worry. London Stock has a lot in store for the coming weeks, and their new seasonal menu is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The best thing is that this won’t be one to order.

Yes! The 12th of April is upon us!

As excited as we are, choosing that very first place to book can be quite overwhelming. It is a big decision isn’t it?

Fortunately, The Spectator and House of Coco kindly came to our rescue, putting together a lovely selection of alfresco dining spots. And let us tell you that our clients are as excited as we are to reopen their doors and welcome you all. London Stock is one you don’t want to miss. Their beautiful outdoor terrace is going to be the perfect spot for that first meal out, in the shadow of the trees on a lovely Spring day.

However, after months of deliveries, we are definitely ready to go a step further to support the hospitality industry. We sure won’t stop after just one booking. If you are willing to take a trip to India on your first outing, Natak should be on your list. Strongly decided not to wait until the 17th of May, Natak extended their terrace just in time to open on the 12th, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

And for those who would like to make this occasion extra special Chef’s table experience is taking you on a flavourful adventure to meet the world’s finest chefs from all around Britain. One destination that shouldn’t be missed is City Social, the exclusive Michelin-starred stopover on the 24th floor of Tower 22.

Who is ready for their quest of best London alfresco dining gems starting from the 12th? What is the first place you are going to visit? A classic favourite? Something completely new?

That’s it for this week. Needless to say that both our clients and our press team will be super busy in the next few days and weeks, getting ready for an exciting season to come.

If you would like any advice or information in these changing times, please don’t hesitate to contact our Top London PR agency, and we will be happy to help!

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