One of our fabulous interns shares her experience of working at Me:Mo:

My experience of restaurant marketing at MeMo has been surprising in all the nicest ways! From the moment I was introduced to the team, each and every one of them has been incredibly supportive, and there is always someone ready to explain in more detail, or share little tips and tricks.

That dreaded Monday morning feeling is extinct here, and people are keen to get into the bright, airy, newly refurbished and kitted-out office, eager to unleash creative notions onto their laptops, that have been building in their heads over the weekend!

Never before have I worked at a company where a queue literally starts to form outside the office at any time from around 30 minutes before the official opening time. The corridor is buzzing with ideas, whilst brainstorms and coffee are the order of the day.

Once settled at our desks, an air of quiet industriousness descends upon the room, and only the sound of softly-tapping keyboards can be heard, along with several silent cogs whirring, as brains kick into gear!

As the day moves on, excited shrieks of  yaaaaay! or whoop! whoop! can be heard, as someone hits their goal of 5000 followers on Instagram, or gains a new client.

Then at lunch-time, it’s off to sample the delights of the local cuisine, ranging from Indian, to Italian, to Lebanese or McDonalds! You can either eat out, or bring food back to eat in the office building’s shared, spacious and comfortable lounge/dining area (complete with pool table), where you have the opportunity to network with people from other businesses.

Working on restaurant social media is really enjoyable, responding to rave reviews about how much people enjoy our restaurants’ food, writing blogs and posting written content, as well as getting the chance to take and contribute images and videos at publicity events. What a lovely way to spend the day!

One of my favourite things about restaurant marketing, is discovering lots of lovely new places to visit, and new dishes to try – and all in a day’s work!  I feel a new world of culinary delight has opened up to me. Is this really a job, or am I just indulging my personal fantasies, I ask myself…

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