Sometimes it’s easy for your Instagram feed to become stagnant and lose direction. The best way to avoid this happening is to keep it fresh with new ideas, different styles of content and most importantly a new set of eyes. Once a month the creative team at Me:Mo get together to discuss client feeds, personal projects within the company, and what improvements can be made to keep our creative output at a high quality.


Here are four accounts that we discussed along with the feed mock ups and why we made the changes we did.




Overall the feed lacked any real brand identity, we needed to include more yellow and black and make this a prominent part of the feed. We also took inspiration from the artwork around the restaurant and included the black and white photos with the Florentine font layered over the top. This is great way to break up the feed.



10 Degrees


When we started discussing the 10 Degrees feed we realised it wasn’t so much the content that was the problem, it was more the order in which images were posted. If there was one thing that we took away from this first session it is that the order in which you post your content makes or breaks the feed. We went with a dark aesthetic and included some night time photography of the city and textured boarders to sit around the photos.




With Tibits it seemed to lack colour and fun, we decided to add some nice graphics to break up the food imagery and pull in some customer regrams also. It’s important to have a mix of different types of content to be sure your feed doesn’t become too samey. There is now a massive burst of colour and the feed is a better representation of the brand.




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