In the middle of the buzz created by the recent government announcements, our Press Team has been busy pushing out London Restaurant news for our clients.


Let’s start with The Bok Shop which has been getting a lot of attention recently and for good reason, with very exciting news about their future portfolio expansion, securing coverage in MCA Insight, Big Hospitality, RPBI, Hardens and Catering Today! And what an expansion! The premium fried chicken brand is planning to open ten sites in the next two years. Their journey started in 2017 – and despite all the challenges that the industry has been facing this past year, the Brighton-based concept restaurant has a very promising future. Following the path of successful contemporary groups such as Honest Burgers or Pizza Pilgrims, the Bok Shop is now ready to hit strong and spread the Bok Shop Twist all around the U.K. Be prepared – first Brighton, then the world?


On other London restaurant news, award-winning chef Abdul Yaseen from Barber’s Bazaar is taking your classic Indian takeaway to another level. Food is sacred, and The American certainly knows we wouldn’t sacrifice on quality. No wonder The Handbook included them in their selection of poshest Indian takeaways. We really hope some of you are in the delivery zone, because an order sure is worth it.


On the side of Japan Centre, Ichiba has been standing out in the crowd on what some refer to as the Best Day of the year, securing coverage in The Infatuation as part of their Pancake Day selection. In honesty, if anything resembles perfection, it’s definitely a day dedicated to indulging yourself in some sweet and fluffy goodness. But we wouldn’t want to get bored, right? Fear not, Ichiba has got you covered. Have you ever heard of Dorayaki, small Japanese honey pancakes? If they don’t already sound mouth-watering, wait until you discover the selection of delicious fillings they have hidden in the middle: lemon custard, red bean and walnut, green tea mascarpone, chocolate… (We all love a surprise like that, don’t we?) – anyone for another best day of the year? With Ichiba it can be pancake day every day.


We all know that now, we can’t get enough of our DIY kits. It has become quite addictive to turn into a Chef for a night, experiencing all different kinds of cooking and being surprisingly good at it. Shoryu’s recent launch featured in Eating London and is sure to get some attention from all the ramen lovers out there. Their kit for two includes everything you need to re-create their famous Ganso Ramen, and is delivered to your doorstep. If you weren’t feeling the ramen cravings before, you certainly won’t be able to resist now.


Finally, to end this round-up on an uplifting note, Michelin-starred Alain Roux and Michel Roux Jr agreed to be grilled by the Staff Canteen as part of the ‘Keeping it in the Family’’ podcast series. In this fun, light-hearted podcast, Michel and Alain very openly talked about the best and worst aspects of working with family. They shared memorable stories, jokes and anecdotes in a very honest way, giving us some insight into a family deeply-rooted in decades of culinary expertise. They touched upon the importance of being true to your roots, while still being able to evolve and change over the years and overcoming the pressure that often comes with that heritage. A podcast that allows us to witness passion and love, something particularly meaningful in the hospitality sector. Because in the end, this industry is a family, with the challenges it faces and the love that is shared all across.


It is now time for us to wrap things up and conclude our round-up of London restaurant news. But fear not, with the roadmap out of lockdown now unveiled, our press team will definitely have lots of exciting news to share over the next coming weeks.


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