Restaurant dining is back and we could not be happier! Our social lives are finally becoming a lot more sociable once again. Being able to work our way through that list of ‘must go-to’ restaurants is undoubtedly one of our favourite past-times and as a marketing restaurant agency and all-round foodie nerds, we’ve endless lists of our favourite restaurants. Let us take you through our list on the new kids on the block – here’s a handful of the best, new London restaurants …

A menu curated with seasonality at its centre, Townsend Restaurant are a modern British dining room and café, set within the iconic Whitechapel Gallery in Aldgate. Having only been open for five weeks before temporarily closing due to covid, they may be new, but they’re easily one of London’s best restaurants. Head Chef Joe Fox, previously from Petersham Nurseries, has constructed a creative yet simple and accessible menu that showcases the best produce Britain has to offer. Alongside the restaurant, they also run Town-Send – their online shop selling fresh produce, drinks and recipe boxes – so you can recreate the Townsend experience in the comfort of your own home.

Now let’s head over to Fitzrovia for something spicy. Another one of the London’s best, new restaurants has to be Pali Hill. This restaurant models its motive and identity on the cultural melting pot of communal living, commonly known as “building societies” in Bombay. Pali Hill is named after an old city neighbourhood for its likeminded offering of the finest, regional Indian small plates. Recipes derive from home recipes and traditional cooking techniques, made for the purpose of sharing in an informal setting. Head Chef Avinash Shashidhara, formally from The River Café, curates a menu that celebrates an eclectic mix of flavours from every corner of the country. They opened shortly before the lockdown so they’re still new to the block but, of all the Indian restaurants in London, in our eyes, they’re one of the best.

Let’s talk sandwiches. Who doesn’t love a really decent sandwich? Secret Sandwich Shop are another epic, new kid on the restaurant block in London, serving quite possibly the best sandwiches there are out there. Their technique involves putting an East Asian twist on this well-known and loved lunch, basing the sandwich on the Japanese Wanpaku sandwich. Wanpaku means naughty or cheeky, and that’s totally what these sandwiches are all about. The sexy stacks of colourful layers and tempting textures from meat, cheese, fresh vegetables and eggs, are all snuggled inside soft shokupan – a Japanese bread. Bread is baked and brought in from the excellent Happy Sky Bakery and you’ll find the Secret Sandwich Shop nestled in the Kensington and Chelsea area, serving sandwiches by both dining in and taking away. Honestly, they’re the best-looking sandwiches around.

We hope you’ll take our word on the best, new London restaurants! Stay tuned for lots more restaurant recommendations.

If you’re a recently re-opened restaurant or perhaps thinking of launching, get in contact – we’re a friendly, foodie bunch and love to chat!

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