At Me:Mo we’re always working on new and exciting design projects, from social assets, feed and content direction, posters, menus, digital marketing all the way to logos and branding.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few things we’ve been working on recently:


We’ve recently designed the logo and helped with the branding for Ayllu.

Ayllu is a new Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant in Paddington. The new Peruvian concept is built around the traditions of the Ayllu community of the Inca Empire. The Ayllu was a group of families that lived together, worked the land together and shared their belongings and mealtimes, just like a large family. Much like the Incan civilisation, Ayllu is about the coming together of friends and families and taking time to share in an evening of great food and innovative cocktails with loved ones.

The symbol represents Inti, an ancient Incan sun god. He is revered as the national patron of the Inca state, worshipped by the Ayllu.

The deep velvet green, textured brass and gold resemble the community and the Inti God. As well as the luxury and quality of the interiors and restaurants food and drink.


East West Menus

We’ve recently been working on a series of Menu designs for East West in Tufnell park.

East West is all about the fusion of Indian and Italian, reimagining age-old north Indian recipes, passed down through generations and found on dinner tables across the region and bringing them together with the Western pizza Italian culture. The finest Italian pizza with the taste of the East.

We’ve been using their already strong branding to build their menu designs, their brand identity has two strong colour divides, the blue signifies East and the orange West. This is consistently used across their menus, to divide the dishes and resemble the fusion of food.


Pali Hill Instagram Grid

We’ve been working with a new client Pali Hill, to design a unique eye-catching social grid for their Instagram.

Another client with existing strong branding, allows us to really hit the ground running when It comes to their content creation.

Pali Hill is one of the oldest residential areas in the suburb of Bandra in Mumbai, India. It’s a neighbourhood famed for the micro-societies which develop within its large residential blocks – families from across India all come together bringing their different regional cuisines.

Their branding quite literally resembles this, with the patterns of gates and door shutters from different flats and the mash up of colours.

The carefully considered Instagram, grid uses these patterns and colours and will be slices up into nine separate tiles that work together and as a stand-alone. Also furthermore representing the different micro-societies.

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