Being the contemporary digital marketing agency as ever, Me:Mo is always scouting out new ways to enhance our digital strategy to be able to offer a cutting edge service that sets us a cut above the rest. We work in an industry where one of the key indicators of restaurant marketing success is ROI. A client invests in us and we are required to prove a tangible impact, be that an increase in online bookings or sales with a direct revenue. That’s bums on seats to you!

The Facebook Pixel is a nifty tool accessible through Business Manager that has been kicking about for a few years. It’s a measurement tool for the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts and one you cannot be without for successful restaurant marketing. It analyses web traffic data and tracks the journey users are making on your website and which actions they are making as a result. The Pixel picks up traffic from web searches and from social. A simple ‘how to’ in set-up can be found on-platform but we like this article.

As restaurant marketing is at the crux of what we do, the Pixel is crucial for determining if our online advertising is increasing online bookings, and in turn increasing the client ROI. The traffic can then be displayed as where it was sourced from. For example, if you are running a Google Ads campaign that aligns with your paid social campaign, and within a week you can see a notable uplift in bookings as a result then you can deduce some sort of campaign success. Take it one step further and define a conversion value to each booking that is made – this could be the potential cost per head at that restaurant. For ease, define your conversions event as worth £20. Within one week, the Facebook Pixel data is showing that there were 10 new reservation events. Thus, you can calculate the ROI based on what your initial ad spend was across Google Ads and Facebook in that same week. This net profit value is what is fundamentally of most importance to clients.

Another aspect of the Facebook Pixel that is beneficial for restaurant marketing is that not only does it measure user actions on a website, but it also stores the information of these users. This data is hashed – completely anonymised and unreadable. The data can be aggregated into custom ‘Events’ that you can set, such as ‘Add to Basket’ or ‘Initiate Booking’. Then you can use this user data to tailor ads to these sets of people – this is called Remarketing (What is Remarketing?). An example – Me:Mo could use the database of people who initiated a booking to create a personalised ad for this group encouraging them to complete their reservation. Some sources believe that Remarketing can increase ROI by up to 32%, a critical figure when it comes to restaurant marketing.

Me:Mo is implementing Facebook Pixel across the board of clients to be able to refine our reporting. We identify the Pixel as a critical tool for restaurant marketing, and we look forward to discovering what else Facebook has in store for the future. Just another exciting day in the world of restaurant marketing…!

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