Putting together a restaurant that turns heads and gets people in the capital talking takes a variety of different approaches, from the design and interiors, the service and expertise of the staff, the inspiration and stories behind the menu, and of course, beautifully presented and carefully put-together food.

We’ve put a list together of our current favourite Food Influencers who are showcasing the very best dishes that London has to offer.


The one with incredible photography:

Food Influencer and professional photographer Sanji Lim, better known on your feeds as @90Foodie, has developed an incredible photography style that highlights incredible dishes from places like Sachi at Pantechnicon, El Pirata, Mayfair as well as street food classics from Black Bear Burger too. One to follow and watch, as Sanji’s Reels and videography are on-point too.


Sachi Pantechnicon


The one taking the city by storm:

The one way to describe food influencer Lucy, known on your feeds as @BirkBites, is a foodie socialite – there isn’t a restaurant opening in London that Lucy isn’t at, and her Instagram feed is a guide in itself to where to eat in London. From incredible restaurants with the city’s best views, such as Aqua Shard, to influencer favourite Café Kitsuné, @BirkBites pictures and reels paint colourful pictures of the city’s dining scene. For the Tik Tok fans out there too, Lucy’s feed is fast growing, with some of her videos and guides to London reaching over 1M+ views on the video-sharing social media platform.

Birk Bites


The one with a sweet tooth:

In a city whose food scene is embodies everything from its incredible street food options and as well as some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants, food influencer Felicity Spector offers a look into London’s sweet treats and refined patisserie options. Highlights from the summer have included these incredible tarts and choux from Nicolas Rouzad at The Connaught Patisserie, the home-made Basque Cheesecake which took the food influencer world by storm this year, as well as a savoury treat in the form of Secret Sandwich Shop’s giant egg mayonnaise sandwich.

Food influencers marketing can be the heart of a successful PR campaign for a new restaurant opening, and key to getting the city’s foodies talking. Drop us a message to find out how to maximise influencer coverage for your restaurant, and follow us on Instagram too to see what we’re up to in London.


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